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Inert Explosive Training Products
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Explotrain is the industry leader in the non-pyrotechnic simulation of IEDs, VBIEDs, battlefield effects, and explosive effects.  Originally developed for EOD training at NAVSCOLEOD in 1999,  these simulators are now used worldwide. There are two distinct types of explosive simulators offered that produce a safe, but very realistic simulated explosive blast.  A precisely controlled blend of oxygen and propane ignited within an open ended cylinder is ultilized, or compressed air produces a pneumatic shockwave.  Both the safety and realism have been tested and confirmed by sound pressure and blast overpressure measurements.

X-0 Explosive Blast Simulators are available in several different sizes and configurations to fit a variety of training needs including small vehicle or building mounted units and midsized (one man) portable simulators designed for ease of concealment and extended use.  Larger devices simulating VBIEDs and roadside bomb blasts for training mounted troops produce the biggest shockwaves. These explosive simulators have been designed and tested to function reliably in all weather scenarios and temperatures, and some devices can even be partially submerged under water and land with no interuptions in functionality. Every X-0 Explosive Simulator can be command fired or victim operated.  Wireless control options include the ability to control up to ten devices out to 600 meters from a single remote.  Victim operated scenarios can use hardwired triggers or Inert Functional IEDs that utilize Explotrain's X-CAP blasting cap transmitter in place of the actual detonator.

Oxy / Propane Blast Simulator

Oxy / Propane Blast Simulator

Oxy / Propane Blast Simulator

Pneumatic Blast Simulator

Pneumatic Blast Simulator

Pneumatic Blast + Flash Simulator

    Our Mission: "Dedicated to providing the highest quality training aids to those who defend and protect us in an effort to save lives."


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