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Custom Products and Projects - Inert Products, LLC.

Inert Products Manufacturing Capabilities and Production Methodologies

It is our goal to design, manufacture, and provide high quality training products which benefit the military and law enforcement communities. Advances in our manufacturing capabilities and production methodologies has propelled us to the leading edge of the market. Our products are manufactured using a variety of highly advanced machinery and state-of-the-art production methods. Rapid prototyping combined with our complete tooling and fabrication capabilities enable us to fulfill large orders in record time.

Custom tooling and products are designed and manufactured utilizing the most cost effective methods available. Since every project is different, we thoroughly analyze customer requirements and expectations to ensure the proper tooling, material, and process is selected for the desired outcome. By using various types of tooling and production methods we can produce volumes ranging from just a few units into the tens of thousands. This approach minimizes the customer's overall cost and allows us to fulfill both small and large requests.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Cast molding / open pour, soft and hard tooling
  • Injection molding / solid aluminum, highly specialized tooling
  • Compression molding / solid aluminum, specialized tooling
  • Extrusion / ABS, Polyethylene, Polyurethane,
  • CNC machining / plastics and metals
  • Metal stamping / forming
  • Lathe turning / metal, plastic, wood
  • Sandblasting / painting, powder coating, anodizing
  • Rapid prototyping / design, proof of concept
  • 3D Printing / scanning, design
  • Stereolithography (SLA) / master pattern sets, first article prototypes
  • Electrical soldering / circuit assembly
  • Assembly / packaging
Inert Products Custom Manufacturing - Training Aids
Inert Products Custom Manuafcturing Design - SLA process
We offer complete design, custom tooling, and production capabilities.

Manufacturing Materials

  • Custom engineered casting foams and resins
  • Thermoplastic urethanes, RTV silicone
  • High & low density foams, open cell / closed cell foams
  • Polyurethane plastics/resins (rigid or semi-rigid)
  • Polyethylene (LDPE) to semi-rigid (HDPE)
  • Plastics, ABS, PLA, PVA
  • Nylon, super tough nylons
  • Polyurethane and silicone rubbers
  • Vinyl, flexible and rigid
  • Steel, aluminum, various metals, wood
  • SLA (stereolithography)

Production Methodologies

Designing and implementing the best production process that is most suited to the customers needs and requirements ensures all products are truly design built. Each new opportunity is reviewed and the product requirements are analyzed to determine an appropriate scope of work. This eliminates waste and prevents over-engineering a product simply to match current or preferred processes. The ideal tooling and production process will be selected based on customer requirements and budgetary constraints.

The diversity of our capabilities requires the flexibility to manage multiple ranges of production methods. Rather than a "one size fits all" approach, we utilize a flexible manufacturing process. "Job," "Flow," and "Batch" operations are manufacturing methods used within varying scopes of work. This allows the production process to be driven by the desired product outcome and not limiting the product to a single process. Larger, more complex projects commonly involve all three production methods.

Inert Products Custom Manufacturing

Job Method - Usually lower volume product runs requiring hands-on assembly with individual work and inspection stations. This attention to detail and single station approach ensures proper assembly and direct quality control.

Flow Method - More complex products and operations encompass multiple processes within our production capabilities. Flow production provides mid to high volume operations consistency and quality assurance as they are processed through specialized stations within the manufacturing process.

Batch Method - High volume products are manufactured both in our main facility as well as through contracted industry partners in large batch productions. VMI, vendor managed inventory allows quick reaction time to large volume orders under tight production and delivery schedules.

Advantages Inert Products Provides

Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing offers extremely fast first article samples for testing and evaluation. Traditional methods such as cast molding and SLA are also performed. 

Centralized Manufacturing - Save time, shipping and transfer costs with our localized production, assembly and packaging.

Network of Systems - All our productions are based on current best manufacturing practices ensuring the very best quality and quickest turnaround time.

Waste Elimination / LEAN Manufacturing - Streamline your output by utilizing our proven methods of production to increase your bottom line.

Just In Time / JIT Production - Refined methods and practices shorten turnaround time and elimate any possible time waist in production.

Vendor Managed Inventory Programs - VMI programs are available to qualified clients and provide a number of benefits historically unavailable to smaller and mid-size businesses.

Manufactured Services Management - We manage every production project so you don't have to; letting you focus on what matters.

Bundled Services - Design, fabrication, and production to assembly, packaging and shipping all saves you time and money.

Value-Added Services - Our ability to design, produce, fabricate, assemble, package and ship your product all from one source saves costs across an entire spectrum of logistics. Our proven methods work, let them work for you.

RPG7 Replica Rocket - Inert Products

Common Reasons We Custom Manufacture

  • When an item or article does not exist, or is unable to be obtained.
  • If the item or article is required in greater numbers than direct article sourcing can provide.
  • If an existing item or product needs modification to meet exact customer specifications.
  • Creation of new product training systems and or platforms compatible to customer specifications.
  • Incorporation of new product enhancements into existing training systems and platforms.
  • Optional customer branding, logos, and private labeling added to exclusive products, devices and kits.
  • Overall product quality control and consistency is ensured through our managed production operations.       

Ongoing Custom Projects:

Creating replica ordnance, munitions, and all associated components needed in training which by nature are not easily obtained, imported, or exported in the quantities required.   

Mission oriented training devices, components, and kits specific to customer needs, specifications, and requirements.  

Custom training device fabrication including limitless optional containers, various levels of explosive material simulants, and functional trigger/circuit components all constructed to customer specifications. 

Custom kit production and assembly combines the best products available into user friendly platforms.    

Explosive device reconstruction for court cases, courtroom models, and prop examples are recreated for criminal and terrorist prosecution.

Historical training models that replicate the real-world devices used by the individual or group.  

Modification of existing non-functional products with operational capabilities to incorporate functional military training systems.

The addition of training special effects / battlefield effects or user feedback to products and devices utilized in training.

Producing custom training devices and components that are compatible with the training systems and platforms currently in use today.    

Custom built and monitored devices for highly specialized training applications.  

Inert Products Custom Tooling and Production

      Our Mission: "Dedicated to providing the highest quality training aids to those who defend and protect us in an effort to save lives."


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