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Large HME Fertilizer Lab - Inert Training Kit with Scent Generator (OTA-FTK04)

Large HME Fertilizer Lab -
Inert Training Kit with Scent Generator

- Includes the X-1 Scent Generator (click for details) and the following simulated scents:

  • Acetone
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Laboratory


Inert IEDs & Components:

3x - Middle Eastern TNT Blocks
1x - Primed Double Jug ANFO Device
1x - Large PVC Pipe Bomb
6x - Blasting Caps
1x - 100 Foot Spool of Detonating Cord
1x - 100 Foot Spool of Shock Tube
2x - Pressure Switches (One in Protective Wrap)


Simulated Chemicals & Containers:

2x - 55 Gallon Plastic Drums (EMPTY)
1x - 15 Gallon Metal Drum (EMPTY)
1x - 5 Gallon Fuel Oil Container (EMPTY)
1x - Small Middle Eastern Jug (EMPTY)
1x - Large Middle Eastern Jug (EMPTY)
1x - Large Middle Eastern Urea Bag (EMPTY)
1x - Large Middle Eastern Ammonium Nitrate Bag (EMPTY)
3x - Medium Citric Acid Bags (EMPTY)
2x - One Gallon Fertilizer Jugs (INERT CONTENT)
2x - One Gallon Ethylene Glycol (Antifreeze) Jugs (EMPTY)
2x - Small Cans of Aluminum Powder (EMPTY)
2x - Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (EMPTY)
2x - Large Bottles of Nitric Acid (EMPTY)
2x - Small Bottles of Nitric Acid (EMPTY)
1x - Medium Bottle of Sulfuric Acid (EMPTY)
1x - Medium Bottle of Absolute Alcohol (EMPTY)
1x - Medium Bottle of Denatured Alcohol (EMPTY)
1x - Medium Can of Mineral Spirits (EMPTY)
1x - Medium Can of Paint Thinner (EMPTY)
1x - Gallon of Acetone (EMPTY)
1x - Small Can of Gasoline Additive (EMPTY)
1x - Bottle of Charcoal Lighter Fluid (EMPTY)
1x - Gallon of Camp Fuel (EMPTY)
1x - Bag of Sugar (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Gallon Can of MEK - Methyl Ethyl Ketone (EMPTY)
1x - Medium Bag of Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Bag of C-4 (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Bag of Semtex (INERT CONTENT)
3x - Large Jars of Chemicals (INERT CONTENT)
4x - Small Jars of Chemicals (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Medium Jar of ANFO (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Medium Jar of ANAL (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Medium Jar of TATP (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Medium Jar of Aluminum Powder (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Jar of Prilled UREA (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Jar of Crushed UREA (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Jar of  Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Jar of Crushed Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
1x - Gallon of Distilled Water (EMPTY)
1x - Package of Food Coloring
     - Simulated Ice Cubes

     - Simulated Dry Ice

HME Lab Tools:

1x - Modified Large Cooler
1x - Modified Pressure Cooker

1x - Mixing Bowl
1x - Plastic Bowl
1x - Small Pot
1x - Electric Range
3x - Cookie Trays
1x - Funnel
1x - Strainer
1x - Graduated Cylinder
1x - Grinder
1x - Large Measuring Cup
2x - Medium Measuring Cups
5x - Small Measuring Cups (3 simulated used)
3x - Spatulas
1x - Improvised Press
1x - Plastic Oil Can
1x - Pack of 50 (fifty) Coffee Filters
2x - 10cc Syringes
1x - Thermometer
1x - Pair of Safety Goggles
1x - Chemical Suit
1x - Respirator
2x - Pair of Gloves
1x - Pair of Boot Covers


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