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Improvised Switch Trainers with Buzzer - Full List (N/A)
IED Trainers

Price varies by options


- Each item includes the switch itself wired into a project box, and includes a buzzer / siren to indicate the switch has been activated.

IMPROVISED SWITCH TRAINERS - Functional (Buzzer / Siren)
OTA-248A Commercial non-mercury (ball in cage) anti-tilt switch $115.00
OTA-249A Commercial mercury switch trainer $105.00
OTA-250A Improvised anti-lift micro switch trainer  $105.00
OTA-251A Improvised mechanical timer trainer $105.00
OTA-254A Improvised trembler switch trainer - large size (switch) $135.00
OTA-255A Improvised trembler switch trainer - small size (switch) $125.00
OTA-256A Improvised trembler switch trainer - micro size (switch) $110.00
OTA-257A Improvised pull / percussion swtich trainer $115.00
OTA-258A Improvised impact switch trainer $120.00
OTA-259A Improvised pressure switch trainer # 1 $115.00
OTA-260A Improvised pressure switch trainer # 2 $115.00
OTA-261A Improvised crush switch trainer # 1  (22 AWG wire) $115.00
OTA-262A Improvised crush switch trainer # 2  (12 AWG wire) $115.00
OTA-263A Improvised crush switch trainer # 3 (christmas lights) $199.99
OTA-264A Improvised loop switch trainer # 1 $115.00
OTA-265A Improvised loop switch trainer # 2 $115.00
OTA-266A Improvised proximity pull switch trainer # 1 (magnetic)  $125.00
OTA-267A Improvised proximity pull switch trainer # 2 (magnetic)  $125.00
OTA-268A Improvised pendulum switch trainer $135.00
OTA-269A Improvised clothespin pull switch trainer $115.00
OTA-270A Improvised anti-lift mousetrap switch trainer $115.00
OTA-271A Improvised tension release switch trainer $115.00
OTA-272A Improvised reed switch trainer $120.00
OTA-273A Improvised anti-probe switch trainer $100.00
OTA-274A Improvised barometric (baro) switch trainer cutaway  $150.00
OTA-276A Improvised non-mercury tilt switch trainer $105.00

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Available versions :

Functional -
Siren Penalty
Functional -
Wireless Transmitter

Training Aid
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The X-CAP Transmitter is off-the-shelf capable of transmitting a trigger output to the X-CAP Wireless Blasting Cap Receiver, and the X-CAPS are integrated into all of our Functional IEDs with the "wireless" symbol shown here.

    Our Mission: "Dedicated to providing the highest quality training aids to those who defend and protect us in an effort to save lives."


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