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Non-Pyro Blast Simulator - Briefcase Training Device (OTA-NP03)

Non-Pyro Blast Simulator
Briefcase Training Device

     The Non-Pyro Blast Simulator - Briefcase Training Device has an arming switch to energize the powerpack. This device has been booby-trapped with anti-open and anti-lift switches, and can also be command detonated using the key fob device (included). The Non-Pyro Blast Simulator - Briefcase Training Device contains one Electronically Fired Device (EFD), which utilizes a 12 gram liquid CO2 canister to initiate the simulated blast. An inline head assembly uses a rubber burst disc, which under pressure from the CO2 creates a loud (80 dB- 140 dB) report. The optional addition of powder in the inline head results in an airborne simulated dissemination of a biological mass or explosion.
     Each device comes with a starter pack, which includes 30 rubber burst discs and 30 CO2 canisters.

This device enables safe, direct contact training, and poses no fire hazards. The visual and auditory impact is large, especially in relativity to its safe operating distance. The average recovery time with this device is approximately 3 minutes, and has a low operating cost for each simulated blast.

     This item is just one of the endless possibilities of non-pyro devices that we can design and produce in any quantity. If you have any training objectives that this device does not meet, please contact us. We can customize this product to include almost any ideas you may have.

    Please note that is you are purchasing this product internationally, Inert Products LLC is unable to ship the c02 canisters required to use this system. Buyer assumes responsibility to obtain c02 canisters. (Devices operate on 12g c02 canisters)

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The X-CAP Transmitter is off-the-shelf capable of transmitting a trigger output to the X-CAP Wireless Blasting Cap Receiver, and the X-CAPS are integrated into all of our Functional IEDs with the "wireless" symbol shown here.

    Our Mission: "Dedicated to providing the highest quality training aids to those who defend and protect us in an effort to save lives."


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