Basic (Level 1) Search Training Course


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This two day course will teach the students good practices and safe search procedures to use when an IED threat is thought to be at a high level.

Class Size

Ten (10) to twenty (20) students


The training will concentrate on the components required to build an IED and what to look for when searching personnel and vehicles. It will be made up of classroom theory lessons, followed by practical training exercises using various IED training aids.


  • IED Components
  • Threat Assessment
  • HME Awareness
  • Suicide Bomber / VBIED Threat Recognition
  • Person Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • Evidence Collection
  • Actions on a Find

* Price will be per student for the duration of the training course (four days).

The default class location is Scranton, PA. Unless otherwise specified, price does not include trainer or trainee travel, lodging, or licensing fees

To discuss availability outside of the normal class size please contact us.


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