Comprehensive Range of Product Applications

Our product line is comprised of basic training aids suited for introductory instruction all the way up to advanced, interactive devices designed to challenge even advanced EOD technicians.

Basic Training

From the classroom to the field, our training aids are realistic and durable enough for any exercise. We also offer posters and display boards that can be translated into any language.

Advanced, Interactive Devices

For advanced training, we can provide many of our items as x-ray correct and/or functional. Wireless transmitters can be added to trigger any of our battlefield effects simulators for unmatched immersion.

Weapons Handling

From weighted, solid rubber dummy weapons to highly detailed replicas that can be disassembled just like the real firearm, you’re sure to find what your trainees need. 

Large Scale Manufacturing Capabilities

Our experienced team can provide smaller custom projects
all the way up to providing an entire country’s training requirements from a single source.

worldwide Delivery

With over 10 years experience in providing our training aids to locations around the globe, you can rest assured that our team is prepared to handle any requirements needed to get your order wherever it needs to go. We can provide door-to-door delivery with our Export Compliance Division, ensuring smooth International deliveries with proper licensing.

Not sure what you need?
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