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Functional A.P. Landmine Training Kit with Penalty Box (OTA-FIED110)
Starting at $1999.80

* Recent updates include increased durability, addition of the PMN landmine, and wireless capability (sold separately)

Kit includes hard plastic storage / transport case


Functional A.P. Landmine Training Kit
with Penalty Box

This functional training kit includes replica landmines that have been designed using heavy-duty urethane to endure years of vigorous training.

The replica landmines operate similarly to the real mines, and when the pressure switches are activated a signal is sent to the wired output.

Included with this kit is a penalty box that is easily used in conjunction with a landmine using color coded inputs. When a landmine is activated the box indicates a penalty through LEDs and a loud siren.

The mines can also be utilized as a switch input in place of any “normally open” switch for a variety of penalty monitors, including blast simulators, smoke effects, and/or simulated scent generation. A 50 ft extension wire is also included with this kit.

Optional wireless output is achieved using X-CAP technology, which requires the addition of an X-CAP receiver. The mine is plugged in externally to a small transmitter.

Kit Includes (one each) of the following Functional, Inert Landmine Replicas:

  • VS-50
  • P2-MK2
  • PMA-2
  • PMN
  • PMN-2

Also included:

  • Penalty Box with Siren
  • Wire Extension 50'
  • Hard Plastic Storage / Transport Case

Wireless Add-OnQty
Wireless Transmitter (1 per mine needed; Up to 5 total)$195.80
Wireless Reciever$419.80
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Optional Insert
for Metal Detection

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