107mm Improvised Rocket Launcher Set – Inert Replica



A replica 107mm rocket in an inert, improvised off-route launcher configuration

  • Includes improvised metal launcher base and washing machine timer firing device
  • The high quality replica rocket is constructed from an extremely durable urethane designed to withstand years of rigorous training

Available in the following configurations:





Basic Replica:

This device is visually correct only. There is no associated penalty monitor to indicate the IED has been triggered.

Part Number : OTA-MM107KITA/B






Functional Replica w/ Siren:

This device operates similar to the real IED, except there is a siren to indicate that the firing device has been triggered.

This particular IED includes a analog timer (washing machine timer) firing device, and the siren is activated when the firing device is triggered.

Part Number : OTA-MM107KITA/B-FS






Functional Replica w/ Wireless Output:

This device also operates similar to the real IED, except a wireless signal is transmitted when firing device has been triggered.​

A range of penalty monitors are available using this version, such as oxy/propane or compressed air blast simulation, LED lights, simulated scent generation, and more.

*The wireless transmitter requires a receiver, which can be purchased here.

Part Number : OTA-MM107KITA/B-FW

All of our IED training aids can be modified to utilize different explosive types, firing devices, containers, etc.
Please contact us for custom product pricing.

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Weight 35 lbs