155mm South African M1A1 Artillery Projectile IED w/ Low-Metal Content Pressure Plate – Inert Replica



This training aid includes a replica 155mm South African artillery projectile in an inert IED configuration, and includes a low-metal content pressure plate.

This high quality replica is constructed from an indestructible casting material specifically designed to endure years of vigorous training.

Available in the following configurations:

Basic Replica:

This device is visually correct only. There is no associated penalty monitor to indicate the IED has been triggered.

Part Number : OTA-60Q2

Functional Replica w/ Siren:

This device operates similar to the real IED, except there is a siren to indicate that the firing device has been triggered.

This particular IED includes an improvised pressure switch firing device, and the siren is activated when the firing device is triggered.

Part Number : OTA-60Q2-FS

Functional Replica w/ Wireless Output:

This device also operates similar to the real IED, except a wireless signal is transmitted when firing device has been triggered.

A range of penalty monitors are available using this version, such as oxy/propane or compressed air blast simulation, LED lights, simulated scent generation, and more.

*The wireless transmitter requires a receiver; Click here for more info on the X-CAP Wireless Receiver.

Part Number : OTA-60Q2-FW

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 7.99213 × 6.102366 × 33.976396 in

Basic Replica, Functional w/ Siren, Functional w/ Wireless Transmitter