Basic Explosives Training Kit (with Transport / Storage Case) – Inert Replica Training Aids


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STORM case is included

Included is: (one each – unless otherwise stated)

100′ Ft Coil Inert, Detonator Cord

100′ Ft Coil Inert, Time Blasting Fuse

Inert, Electric Detonator / Blasting Caps (10 Pack)

Inert, Non-Electric Detonator / Blasting Caps (10 Pack)

Inert, Non-Electric, Shock Tube Detonator / Blasting Caps (2 Pack)

Inert, M112 Demolition Block, Deluxe

Inert, Semtex-H Simulated 1LB Block (Orange)

Inert, Semtex-H Block, 2500G

5 (five) Different Inert Dynamite Sticks

Ammonium Nitrate (prilled) 55lb Bag (empty)

Ammonium Nitrate (prilled) INERT Training Sample

Inert, Simulated 1Lb C4, Bulk Pack – White Color

Inert, Simulated 1/2Lb PE-4A, Bulk Pack – Buff White/Beige Color

Inert, Simulated 1/2Lb Semtex-H, Bulk Pack – Orange Color

Inert, Simulated 1/2Lb Semtex-A, Bulk Pack – Red Color

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Weight 30 lbs


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