Build Your Own IED – Inert Training Kit



Contains everything needed to build a wide variety of inert IEDs.

This modular kit combines a large assortment of inert explosives, and has all the components needed to build a functional firing device consisting of basic improvised switches up to complex electronics.
The builder has the ability to select the triggering device, firing system, and power supply and can monitor the penalty by integrating an included siren.
All electronics can be kept conveniently in the included plastic storage bins.

***Please note that detonating cord and time fuse color is subject to availability***

For a list of the kit contents, please click here.

Our IED training kits can be modified to utilize different explosive types and/or switches upon request. Contact us to discuss your requirements for customized products that meet your training needs.

* The style of the bins and components may vary based on availability, and are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 230 lbs
NOTE - These details refer to the default package information for this product. For specific product dimensions please contact us.