M4 “Cobalt” – Replica Training Weapon



This M4 trainer is a functional, non-gun designed to allow for safe field stripping drills. The trainer does not contain a functional bolt carrier group (a real bolt carrier group will also not fit into the upper), and it cannot chamber or fire real ammunition.

Functions include a working safety, trigger, and charging handle, and has a removable bolt carrier group and magazine.

Removable replica components include:

  • Magazine
  • Carry Handle
  • Take-down Pins
  • Charging Handle
  • Bolt Carrier Group
  • Buffer & Spring
  • Stocks
  • Handguard

*Note: The bolt carrier group is removable, however the group does not disassemble nor does it contain a firing pin, cam, or retaining pin

The stock and handguard are coated blue or red to indicate the inert status of the weapon, and the flash suppressor has an orange tip to comply with federal laws.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 36 in
NOTE - These details refer to the default package information for this product. For specific product dimensions please contact us.