Domestic Terrorism Training Kit #2


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This IED recognition kit includes examples of improvised explosive devices used historically in the United States. These devices have also become common in other areas of the world as information is spread through terrorist networks.

All items are 100% inert.

Includes one each (as pictured):

  • Package / Mail Bomb – Functional (Siren Penalty)
  • Unabomber 2×4 IED (Booby Trap) – Functional (Siren Penalty)
  • Pipe Bomb IED Cutaway – Functional (Siren Penalty)
  • Garbage Bag IED – Functional (Siren Penalty)
  • Suicide Vest – Static Display
  • Pipe Bomb IED – Static Display
  • Back Pack IED – Static Display
  • Briefcase IED – Static Display
  • Boston Pressure Cooker IED – Static Display
  • Firework IED – Static Display
  • Quarter Stick with Shrapnel – Static Display
  • Quarter Stick – Static Display
  • M-80 – Static Display
  • Copper Pipe IED – Static Display
  • Various Cut-Away Pipe Bombs and C02 Canisters (Large and Small) – Static Display
  • Different types of HME Samples (Flash Powder, Black Powder, TATP, HMTD, UREA, ANFO

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Weight 65 lbs
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