Explosive Samples Visual Recognition Kit #2 – Inert Training Aids


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This kit provides an excellent visual display of various military, commercial, and HME explosives & precursors. Each sample’s contents are identified and marked “INERT”.  


  • Inert Thermite
  • Inert Guncotton
  • Inert TNT (Flake)
  • Inert PETN
  • Inert RDX
  • Inert Time Fuse
  • Inert 50 Grain Det Cord
  • Inert 25 Grain Det Cord
  • Inert C2 Sheet Explosive
  • Inert C4 Sheet Explosive
  • Inert C8 Sheet Explosive
  • Inert Aluminum Powder
  • Inert Urea (Crushed / Powder)
  • Inert Ammonium Nitrate (Crushed / Powder)
  • Inert Potassium Nitrate
  • Inert Armstrong Mixture
  • Inert ANNIE
  • Inert DAP

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