Functional APERS Landmine Kit (Wireless) w/ X-PANDR Pneumatic Blast / Flash Simulator



This functional training kit includes replica landmines that have been designed using heavy-duty urethane to endure years of vigorous training.

The replica landmines operate similarly to the real mines; when the pressure switches are activated the circuit is closed.

Wireless transmitters (included with each mine) report to the X-PANDR (up to 50m range), and all mines can be placed simultaneously.

The X-PANDR can report in any combination of the following penalties:

  • Pneumatic blast (compressed air, 100-150 PSI)
  • The pneumatic blast simulator is filled with a standard tire inflator (Schrader valve) attachment. The blaster can be recharged automatically by keeping the valve attached or detached and deployed with a single blast.
  • Buzzer (90 dB)
  • LED Flash (15,000 lumen)

Set includes:

  • 5x Functional AP Mine Replicas
    • PMN
    • PMN-2
    • VS-50
    • PMA-2
    • P2-MK2
  • 5x Wireless Transmitters (with 9V Batteries)
  • X-PANDR Pneumatic Blast / Flash Simulator

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
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