HME Fertilizer IED Lab – Inert Training Kit with Scent Generator



This simulated homemade explosives (HME) lab is modeled after real labs utilized by terrorists domestically and internationally. There are no actual chemicals included, ensuring a safe training environment while maintaining maximum realism for visual recognition. This kit focuses specifically on ammonium nitrate / fertilizer bomb making materials and components which contains everything needed in their production.

The included scent generator and simulated scents add an extra level of immersion, and can be also be used as an early recognition system before entering the room.

Includes the X-1 Scent Generator (click for details) and the following simulated scents:



Simulated Chemicals & Containers:

– 1 (one) Middle Eastern 5 gal. Jug (EMPTY)
– 1 (one) Middle Eastern 2 ½ gal. Jug (EMPTY)
– 1 (one) Jug of Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
– 1 (one) 5 Gallon Diesel Can (EMPTY)
– 1 (one) 15 Gallon Metal Drum (EMPTY)
– 1 (one) Middle Eastern Bag of Urea (INERT CONTENT)
– 1 (one) Middle Eastern Bag of Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
– 1 (one) Standard Bag of Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
– 1 (one) Bag of Citric Acid (INERT CONTENT)
– 1 (one) Can of Aluminum Powder (EMPTY)
– 2 (two) Bags of Ammonium Nitrate (EMPTY)
– 1 (one) Bag of Citric Acid (EMPTY)
– 1 (one) Bag of Urea (EMPTY)
– 7 (seven) Different Visual Samples (One Each of – Ammonium Nitrate Prills, Crushed Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Nitrate Prills, Crushed Urea Nitrate, ANFO, Ammonium Nitrate / Aluminum Powder, Aluminum Powder)
– 1 (one) Bag of Sugar

Inert IEDs & Components:

– 2 (two) 100 ft. Rolls of Inert Detonating Cord (Assorted Colors)
– 1 (one) Large Inert Pipe Bomb / Booster
– 3 (three) 1/2 lb. Inert Middle Eastern TNT Blocks (With Priming Adapter and Inert Blasting Cap)
– 3 (three) 400g Inert Middle Eastern TNT Blocks (With Inert Blasting Cap)
– 1 (one) Inert Fertilizer IED Wrapped in a Burlap Bag
– 1 (one) Inert ANFO Double Jug IED Device
– 10 (ten) Inert, Electric Blasting Caps
– 10 (ten) Inert, Non-Electric Blasting Caps
– 2 (two) 100 ft. Rolls of Paired Wire
– 1 (one) Pressure Plate Switch (In Protective Wrap)
– 1 (one) 30″ Pressure Plate
– 1 (one) Large Pressure Plate (In Protective Wrap)
– 3 (three) Cast Boosters

Lab Tools:

– 1 (one) Grinder
– 1 (one) Large Cooking Pot
– 1 (one) Improvised Press

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Weight 140 lbs


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