IED Awareness Training Poster Series (Complete Set)



Includes 54 posters

We publish and distribute a series of security awareness training posters which are exclusive to Inert Products. These are new, modern, full-color posters. All posters are printed on polypropylene, which is tear resistant, water resistant and has a scratch resistant coating.

We also have posters covering a range of topics including improvised, commercial, and military ordnance & explosives, explosives hazmat classification, IED/ VBIED awareness, WMDs, as well as smuggling devices and narcotics related posters.

We can also custom print our posters in different languages. Contact us for a price quote.

This product is copyrighted by Inert Products, LLC. Any form of unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.


  1. Remote Control Car IED Examples Poster
  2. Indicators of Emplaced IEDs Training Poster
  3. Never Touch Discovered Explosives or IEDs Poster
  4. Smuggling / Concealment Devices Poster
  5. Detonators / Blasting Caps & Accessories Examples Poster #1
  6. Detonators / Blasting Caps & Accessories Examples Poster #2
  7. Detonating Cord & Safety / Time Fuse Examples Poster
  8. Dynamite, Emulsions, & Binary Explosive Examples Poster
  9. Binary & Slurry Explosive Examples Poster
  10. Commercial Explosives & Components Examples Poster
  11. Commercial & Military Shaped Charge Examples Poster
  12. Improvised IED Switch Examples Poster
  13. Electrical IED Components and Switches Examples Poster
  14. IED Power Source / Battery Examples Poster
  15. Basic IED Circuit Schematics Poster
  16. Improvised Remote Control Firing Devices Poster #1
  17. Improvised Remote Control Firing Devices Poster #2
  18. Improvised Remote Control Firing Devices Poster #3
  19. Military Demolition Charge Examples Poster
  20. Soviet, Middle Eastern, & Czech Demolition Charge Examples Poster
  21. Grenade Examples Poster
  22. CO2 Cylinder IED / Pipe Bomb Examples Poster
  23. Display Fireworks (Class B / 1.3G) Firework Examples Poster
  24. Consumer Grade (Class C / 1.4G) Firework Examples Poster
  25. Explosive Hazards D.O.T. Classifications and Divisions Poster
  26. Ammunition Examples Poster
  27. AK-74 Training Poster (Russian Text)
  28. RPG-7 Rocket Training Poster (Russian Text)
  29. RPG-7 Rocket Launcher Training Poster (Russian Text)
  30. Radiological Dispersal Device (“Dirty Bomb”) Examples Poster
  31. Chemical and Biological Dispersal Device (WMDs) Examples Poster
  32. Pipe Bomb Examples Poster
  33. IED Components Poster
  34. Improvised EFP / Shaped Charge IED Poster
  35. Military Bomblets and Submunitions Poster
  36. Under-Vehicle IED (UVIED) Examples Poster #1
  37. Improvised Magnetic Attachment UVIEDs Poster #2
  38. Emplaced Under-Vehicle IED (UVIED) Examples Poster
  39. Suicide Vest / Belt Person-Borne IED (PBIED) Examples Poster #1
  40. Suicide Vest / Belt Person-Borne IED (PBIED) Examples Poster #2
  41. Commercial & Homemade Explosive (HME) Examples Poster
  42. Detonating Cord Firing Systems Poster
  43. Landmines Examples Training Poster
  44. Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) Examples Poster
  45. Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs) Awareness Poster
  46. Pre-Blast IED Component Examples Poster
  47. Post-Blast IED Component Examples Poster
  48. Demolition Firing Devices, Booby Traps, and Mine Fuzes Poster
  49. Mail / Parcel Bomb Examples Poster
  50. Shoe Bomb & Other Concealed IED Examples Poster
  51. Underwater IED / Improvised Limpet Mine Examples Poster
  52. Daisy Chain IED TTP Training Poster
  53. Middle Eastern Terrorist IED TTPs Poster
  54. Roadside Bomb TTPs & Examples Poster

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