IED Awareness Training Poster Series (Complete Set)


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Includes 54 posters

We publish and distribute a series of security awareness training posters which are exclusive to Inert Products.  These are new, modern, full-color posters mostly measuring 30″ x 30″.  All posters are laminated (both sides) to be tough and long lasting.

Posters Included are:

  1. Electric and Non-Electric Detonators and Blasting Caps Poster
  2. Blasting Caps, Detonators, and Accessories Poster
  3. Detonating Cords and Safety Fuses Poster
  4. Dynamite – Typical Types Poster
  5. Binary / Slurry Explosives and Accessories Poster
  6. Typical Commercial Explosives Poster
  7. Commercial and Military Shaped Charges Poster
  8. Improvised Switches and Initiating Devices Poster
  9. Electrical Components and Switches Poster
  10. Typical Batteries (IEDS) Poster
  11. Basic IED Circuit Schematics Poster
  12. Improvised Remote Control Firing Devices Poster #1
  13. Improvised Remote Control Firing Devices Poster #2
  14. Improvised Remote Control Firing Devices Poster #3
  15. Typical Military Demolition Charges Poster
  16. Soviet, Middle Eastern, and Czech Demolition Charges Poster
  17. Typical Military Grenades Poster
  18. CO2 Cylinder IEDs and Pipe Bombs Poster
  19. Display Fireworks 1.3G Pyrotechnic Devices Poster
  20. Consumer Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Devices Poster
  21. Explosive Hazards D.O.T. Classifications and Divisions Poster
  22. Ammunition and Components Poster
  23. AK-47 Automatic Rifle Training Poster (Russian Text)
  24. RPG-7 Rocket Training Poster (Russian Text)
  25. RPG-7 Training Poster (Russian Text)
  26. WMDs, Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDDs) Poster
  27. WMDs, Chemical and Biological Dispersal Devices Poster
  28. Pipe Bombs and Cut Aways (Many Different Types of ) Poster
  29. Terrorist Components and Accessories Poster
  30. Improvised EFP Charge Assembly Poster
  31. Military Bomblets and Submunitions Poster
  32. Improvised Magnetic Attachment UVIEDs Poster #1
  33. Improvised Magnetic Attachment UVIEDs Poster #2
  34. Emplaced Improvised Magnetic Attachment UVIEDs Poster
  35. Suicide Vests, Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices Poster
  36. Suicide Belts, Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices Poster
  37. Industrial and Improvised Explosives Poster
  38. Typical Explosive Charges Layout Patterns Poster
  39. Typical Landmines Poster
  40. Typical Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs) Poster
  41. Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs) Awareness Poster
  42. Pre-Blast IED Components Poster 1
  43. Post-Blast IED Components Poster 2
  44. Demolition Firing Devices, Booby Traps, and Mine Fuzes Poster
  45. Mail / Letter / Envelope Bombs – IEDs Poster
  46. Shoe Bombs & Other Concealed IEDs – TSA Awareness Poster
  47. Improvised Underwater Limpet Mines Poster
  48. IEDs – “Daisy Chaining” Poster
  49. Typical Iraq Improvised Explosive Devices TTPs Poster
  50. Middle Eastern IED TTPs – Roadside Bombs Poster
  51. Specialized Targets Poster
  52. IEDs – Indicators Of IEDs Poster
  53. “NEVER TOUCH” Discovered Explosives or IEDs Poster
  54. Smuggling / Concealment Devices Poster

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