IED Training Kit #1 – Inert Training Aids


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IED recognition and defeat are critical skill sets which demand deliberate focus and emphasis when training to confront the largest threat to national security and public safety. Inert Products specializes in producing static visual mock-ups of devices and fully functional IED training systems used to aid in their recognition and defeat. Our range of manufacturing options offers capabilities not found elsewhere.

Optional product features allow customers to choose from basic static classroom mock-ups, specialized x-ray correct devices for security screening and testing, reactive devices with internal monitor features like buzzers, lights, and sirens, functional wireless monitored systems controlling battlefield effects.

Includes (one each):

  • Backpack IED, Type #1 (Pipe Bombs)
  • Teddy Bear IED
  • Cigarette Pack IED
  • Shoe Bomb IED
  • Ammo Can IED
  • Pipe Cap Shaped Charge IED (Concealed in Paper Bag)
  • Grapeshot IED, Type #1
  • Steel Pipe Bomb, Medium (Visco Fuse)
  • Double-Pipe Bomb (Medium Steel Pipe, RCIED)
  • Triple PVC Pipe Bomb IED
  • Project Box Under-Vehicle IED
  • M112 C4 Demolition Block Under-Vehicle IED
  • 122mm Artillery Projectile RCIED

Our IED training aids can be modified to utilize different explosive types and/or switches upon request. Contact us to discuss your requirements for customized products that meet your training needs.

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Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 25 in