IEDD Training Lane Kit #1 (Small)


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This improvised explosive device defeat (IEDD) kit includes an array of replica ordnance that is perfect for classroom or field exercises.

The kit includes one each of the following:

  • 155mm M107 HE Artillery Projectile
  • 155mm M1A1 HE Artillery Projectile
  • 152mm Soviet Artillery Projectile
  • 130mm Soviet Artillery Projectile
  • 122mm Soviet Artillery Projectile
  • 107mm Iraqi Rocket
  • 73mm PG-9 Rocket
  • PG-7V Rocket (w/Booster)
  • RKG-3 Soviet Anti-Tank Grenade
  • RG-42 Soviet Hand Grenade
  • RGD-5 Soviet Hand Grenade
  • F-1 Soviet Hand Grenade
  • TC/6 Italian Anti-Tank Mine
  • VS-2.2 Italian Anti-Tank Mine
  • VS-1.6 Italian Anti-Tank Mine
  • VS-50 Italian Anti-Personnel Mine

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs


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