Anti-Personnel Landmine Kit – Inert Replica Training Aids


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These high quality replicas are constructed from an indestructible casting material specifically designed to endure years of vigorous training.


  • OZM-72 Soviet Bounding Mine
  • Valmara 69 (V-69) Italian Bounding Mine
  • PMD-6 Soviet Box Mine
  • PMA-2 Soviet Mine
  • PMA-3 Soviet Mine
  • PMN Soviet Mine
  • PMN-2 Soviet Mine
  • YM-1B Iranian Mine
  • YM-1 Iranian Mine
  • VS-50 Italian Mine
  • TS-50 Italian Mine
  • VS-MK2 Italian Mine
  • VSAR-50 Italian Mine
  • AVPS-50 Italian Mine

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Weight 35 lbs


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