Inert, Commercial Explosives Training Kit


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1 x Ammonium Nitrate 55 LB Bag (US) – Empty

1 x Large Urea Nitrate Sack – Middle Eastern – Empty

1 x Large Ammonium Nitrate Sack – Middle Eastern – Empty

5 x Commercial Dynamite Sticks

4 x Various Commercial Emulsions

1 x Assorted Cast Booster

1 x C4 Bulk, 1 Pound

3 x Assorted Det Cord – 5 Foot Samples

5 x Det Cord Connectors

2 x Assorted Time Fuse – 5 Foot Samples

1 x Plastic Detonator Cap Storage Magazine (box)

10 x Non-Electric Detonators (in above box)

8 x Assorted Non-Electric Detonators / Blasting Caps

1 x Dual Cap Crimper – Blasting Cap Crimper

5 x Assorted Electric Detonators / Blasting Caps

1 x Assorted Electric Ematch

3x Assorted Shock Tube 5′ Samples

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Weight 15 lbs


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