Inert Explosives Training Kit # 1


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*A PELICAN storage case is not included however it can be added to this kit at an additional cost.  Select this option below.

Included is;

(2) Red label 2500g Semtex-H Blocks,

(1) Red label 2500g Semtex-A Blocks,

(1) Red label 2000g Semtex-H Blocks,

(1) Red label 1000g Semtex-H Blocks,

(1) Red label 500g Semtex-H Blocks,

(5) 1 pound Semtex-H orange packaged blocks,

(1) Set of 2 Binary explosive bottles (flammable / Oxidizer),

(1) 100′ foot length inert Simulated Det Cord,

(15) Reg. Standard Nitro Blasting inert dynamite sticks,

(30) Different dynamite sticks (10 different types – 3 of each),

(25) Inert electric blasting cap detonators,

(25) Non-electric blasting cap detonators (20 are fuse type and 5 are shock tube type), 

(5) M112 C4 Demolition charges -Olive Drab color,

(1) M112 Demolition Charge (Inner Rim Limpet IED)

(3) Different size Linear Shaped Charges 1.5′ foot – 6″ inch lengths,

(2) Pounds of Simulated C4 (RDX) white simulated plastic explosive material (blocks), 

(1) Pounds of Simulated Semtex (Red/orange) simulated plastic explosive material (blocks), 

(1) Pounds of Simulated PE-4A (beige) simulated plastic explosive material (blocks) for using to pack into fuze wells and so forth – A great inert plastic explosive simulant for training.

(3) Inert Red Cast Boosters

(1) Inert Detonator / Blasting cap display board 11″ x 14″, 

(1) Inert Det cords / safety & pyrotechnic fuses / shock tube display board,

(1) Inert IED # 1 – Linear shaped charge w/ magnets & Improvised main charge (remote car bomb device), 

(1) IED # 2 – Mortar/grenade projectile IED with cell phone battery and detonator assembly

(1) Satchel charge – 4 blocks inert C4 w/ inert detonators, timer, and batteries – (can be set up as suicide device) 

(1) Suicide Vest # 1 (electrically fired) – Biological / Chemical dispersal.

(1) Suicide Vest / Belt # 2 – TATP / RDX / PETN explosives w/ embedded faux ball bearings (electrically fired),

(1) Suicide vest # 3 – C4 / RDX / TATP explosives with inert Det cord + grenade mechanical trigger (hostage suicide device), 

(1) Inert suicide vest # 4 – incorporates packaged plastic explosives primed with inert Det cord and set up to be electrically fired / operated.

*This packages’ product contents can be modified to meet your training needs

*Larger, Smaller, or Completely different products…Contact us for a custom package deal. 

 *A PELICAN storage case is not included however it can be added to this kit at an additional cost.  Select this option and additional image link below.

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Weight 50 lbs


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