Inert Explosives Training Kit # 2


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Included is;

(2) Inert 2500g Semtex-H blocks,

(1) Inert 2000g Semtex Block,

(1) Inert 1000g Semtex Block,

(1) Inert 500g Semtex Block, 

(3) 1 LB blocks simulated C4 (RDX) inert material,

(1) Inert Det Cord – 100′ foot Coil,

(3) Inert Red label Cast Boosters,

(3) Yellow Label Std. inert Dynamite sticks,

(3) Sim-Ex Std. Inert Dynamite sticks,

(3) Inert PE 4 Sticks,

(3) Inert DuPont Dynamite Sticks,

(1) Soviet / Russian Dynamite Bundle – 7 Sticks,

(2) M112 Demolition Charges – Olive Drab color,

(10) Inert Electric Blasting Cap detonators, 

(10) Inert Non-Electric Blasting Cap detonators,

(1) Inert Linear Shaped (cutting) Charge.

***OPTIONAL STORAGE CASE AT AN ADDITIONAL COST.  See options and additional image link below.

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Weight 22 lbs


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