Inert Explosives Training Kit # 3


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Included is:

(1)  Cut Away EFP shaped charge. (inert)

(1)  Blasting caps & detonators display board. (inert)

(1)  Det cord, shock tube & fuses display board. (inert)

(2)  Nitro Trencher, inert Ammonia dynamite sticks.

(1)  5 lbs Simulated inert Black Powder – packed in an anti-static bag.

(5)  Simulated M112 Demolition blocks – workable inert material (can be opened and applied)

(1)  100′ feet of Simulated inert Det Cord

(2)  Simulated pounds of inert C4 material (bulk packed)

(1)  Pound of simulated inert Semtex (bulk packed)

(10)  Inert blasting caps/ detonators – Aluminum type with crimp & wire leads.

(5)  Ammonium Nitrate – 55LB bags (empty)

(1)  Binary explosive bottles Set (8 oz & 4 oz bottle)  (empty)

(10)  Inert, Standard Dynamite sticks

(1)  Simulated, TATP inert display sample

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Weight 25 lbs


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