Inert Explosives Training Kit #4



This inert explosive training kit includes a variety of simulated explosives and components. All items are 100% inert.


  • 10x Semtex-A, 1 lb Bulk Packs
  • 10x Semtex-H, 1 lb Bulk Packs
  • 10x C4, 1 lb Bulk Packs
  • 30x Assorted Dynamite Sticks (10 types, 3x each)
  • 4x 90g Cast Boosters
  • 1x Tovex Water-Gel Explosive
  • 1x DYNASPLITTER Packaged Emulsion Explosive (Large Diameter)
  • 1x SEAMEX Water-Gel Explosive
  • 5x 1 ft. Coil Detonating Cord (Assorted Colors)
  • 1x TATP, Small Sample w/ Printed Outline
  • 25x Electric Detonator / Blasting Caps (Open End)

Our inert training kits can be modified to include any of our simulated explosives, including dynamite, blasting caps, demolition blocks, and more. Contact us to discuss your requirements for customized kits that meet your training needs.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 17.992136 × 11.96851 × 11.96851 in
NOTE - These details refer to the default package information for this product. For specific product dimensions please contact us.