Inert Explosives Training Kit, Small



This inert explosive training kit includes a variety of simulated explosives and components. All items are 100% inert.


  • 8x Arabic / Middle Eastern Dynamite Sticks
  • 8x Standard Dynamite Sticks
  • 4x WWII Era German Dynamite Sticks
  • 4x Dyna AP Dynamite Stick (Yellow)
  • 4x PE No. 2 Dynamite Sticks
  • 4x Hi-CAP Dynamite Sticks (Red)
  • 4x 1/4 lb TNT Demolition Blocks
  • 2x 90g Cast Boosters
  • 1x Satchel Charge (w/ 3x Tetrytol M2 Demolition Blocks)
  • 1x Nitrostarch Demolition Block
  • 3x 1.5 ft Time Fuse Assemblies (Assorted Colors) w/ Deluxe Non-Electric Detonator
  • 3x Electric Detonator / Blasting Caps (Deluxe, Closed End)

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 17.992136 × 11.96851 × 11.96851 in
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