IED Petting Zoo, Medium – Inert Training Kit


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Inert Replica IED Devices:
1x – 
Inert Replica 155mm South African Artillery Projectile IED w/ Improvised Pressure Switch
1x – Inert Replica 155mm Artillery Projectile RCIED
4x – Inert Replica 122mm Artillery Projectiles in a Daisy Chain Formation
3x – 100 ft. Coils of Inert Simulated Solid Core Detonating Cord (For Daisy Chain)
1x – Triple Inert Replica 105mm Artillery Projectiles IED in Metal Bucket
1x – Inert Replica PG-7 Rocket w/ Improvised Off-Route Launcher
1x – Inert Replica 82mm USSR Mortar IED
1x – Inert Backpack IED #1
1x – Inert Metal Tool Box Booby Trap IED
1x – Inert P.E. Bag
1x – Inert Exhaust Pipe IED
1x – Inert IED – Fake Rock Training Aid
1x – Inert Improvised Claymore IED
1x – Inert Suicide Satchel Charge IED
1x – Inert Field Expedient M112 IED w/ Frag
1x – Inert Simulated Curb IED
1x – Inert Middle Eastern Pressure Cooker IED
1x – Inert Double Middle Eastern Jug IED
1x – Inert MRE Booby Trap IED

Tools & Components:
1x – 
Needle Nose Pliers
1x – Wire Strippers
1x – Improvised Mousetrap Switch
1x – Improvised Mousetrap Switch (Pull)
1x – Improvised Door Switch
1x – Improvised Crush Wire Switch
1x – Improvised Clothespin Switch
1x – Improvised Trembler Switch
1x – Improvised Pressure Plate Switch
1x – Improvised Pressure Switch (Small)
1x – Improvised Pressure Switch (Impact)
1x – Improvised Pressure Switch (Micro Switch)
1x – Improvised Pendulum Switch
1x – Improvised Ball in Cage Switch
1x – Improvised Loop Switch (Pull)
8x – Assorted Micro Switches
3x – Door Switches
6x – Assorted On/Off Switches
5x – Assorted Relays
4x – Assorted Capacitors
4x – Assorted Terminal Blocks
2x – Ring Terminals
1x – Infrared Circuit
1x – Bread Board
1x – Set of Assorted Resistors
1x – Roll of Wire

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Weight 270 lbs


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