IED Petting Zoo #1 (Small) – Inert Training Kit



This inert IED training kit allows for hands-on interaction with devices and components that soldiers or de-miners are likely to encounter in hostile areas.

All items are 100% inert.


Inert Replica IED Devices:

  • 1x Double 122mm Artillery Projectiles RCIED
  • 130mm Daisy Chain IED Kit:
    • 4x Inert Replica 130mm Soviet Artillery Projectiles (3x IEDs + 1x RC initiated IED)
      3x 100 ft. Coil Detonating Cord (Red)
  • 1x Cassette Case Incendiary IED
  • 1x Middle Eastern TNT Block UVIED
  • 1x Aluminum Can IED
  • 1x Glass Bottle Grenade IED
  • 1x Large Propane Tank IED

Tools & Components:

  • 1x Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1x Wire Strippers
  • 1x Improvised Mousetrap Switch
  • 1x Improvised Clothespin Switch
  • 1x Improvised Trembler Switch
  • 1x Improvised Pressure Switch
  • 1x Improvised Crush Switch
  • 1x Rocker Switch
  • 1x Toggle Switch
  • 8x Assorted Micro Switches
  • 1x PIR / Infrared Circuit
  • 1x Bread Board
  • 2x Relays
  • 1x Set of Assorted Resistors
  • 1x 500′ Roll of Wire

Additional information

Weight 147 lbs