Middle Eastern Bomb Builder IED Workshop – Inert Training Kit



This IED workshop kit has everything needed to set up a complete simulated bomb making workshop.
This entire kit is 100% inert, and ships via freight on a single pallet.


Inert Replica Explosives & IED Components:

  • 1x IED Firing Devices Kit:
    • Cordless Phone IED Firing Device
    • PMR IED Firing Device Set with Mechanical Safe Separation Timer
    • Digital Countdown Timer IED Firing Device
    • Cellular Phone IED Firing Device
  • 10x Non-Electric Detonator / Blasting Caps (Open-End)
  • 25x Electric Detonator / Blasting Caps (Open-End)
  • 1000 ft. Spool Detonating Cord (Red)
  • 100 ft. Coil Time Fuse (Bronze)
  • 5x Semtex-H, 1 lb Block (Labeled)
  • 5x Semtex-H, 1/2 lb Bulk
  • 10x Semtex-1A 2500g Demolition Block (Basic)
  • 5x Semtex-A, 1/2 lb Bulk
  • 2x PE Storage Bag (For Bulk Semtex)
  • 5x TNT 400g Middle Eastern Demolition Block
  • 10x Arabic / Middle Eastern Dynamite Sticks
  • 10x Soviet / Russian Dynamite Sticks
  • 1x 25 Kg Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Bag, Prilled (Domestic, Filled)
  • 1x 82mm O-832 Soviet HE Mortar Round
  • 1x 122mm OF-56 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile
  • 1x 130mm Soviet HE Artillery Projectile
  • 1x 152mm OF-25 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile
  • 1x 152mm Type 66 Chinese HE Artillery Projectile
  • 1x 152mm Iraqi HE Artillery Projectile
  • 1x 155mm M1A1 South African HE Artillery Projectile
  • 1x IED – 155mm Daisy Chain IED Kit (3 x 155mm HE Artillery Projectiles, 3x 100 ft. Det Cord Coils, 1x 155mm HE Artillery Projectile RCIED)
  • 1x IED – Double 105mm Artillery Projectiles IED
  • 1x – IED – 82mm Soviet Mortar IED
  • 1x – IED – TC/6 Italian Anti-Tank Mine with Steel Can (Boobytrap)
  • 1x – IED – Pressure Cooker
  • 1x – IED – PE Bag / Satchel Charge
  • 1x – IED – Suicide Device (Satchel Charge)
  • 1x – IED – Suicide Vest Type #1 (C4)

IED Tools:

  • 2x Folding 6 ft. Work Table
  • 1x Tool Bag
  • 1x Ammo Can (For Storage of Tools & IED Components)
  • 1x Large Needle Nose Hand Tool
  • 1x Small Needle Nose Hand Tool
  • 1x Wire Strippers
  • 1x Soldering Iron + Solder
  • 3x 24AWG Wire Spool (500 ft, Assorted Colors)
  • 1x Assorted AWG Speaker Wire Reel (100 ft.)
  • 5x Dummy Cell Phones (Assorted Styles, w/ Wires)
  • 3x Mechanical Washing Machine Timers (“Dewatering Timer”) – Modified as safe separation arming switches
  • 1x Battery Holder Assortment (8 pcs)
  • 1x Battery Assortment (12 pcs)
  • 1x Electrical Components Assortment (100 pcs)
  • 1x Improvised Switches Assortment (12 pcs)
  • 3x Electrical Tape Rolls (Black)
  • 1x Large Burlap Bag (for use as an IED container)
  • 1x 10 lb. Nails / Shrapnel / Frag (Assorted Sizes & Types)

Our IED training kits can be modified to utilize different explosive types and/or switches upon request. Contact us to discuss your requirements for customized products that meet your training needs.

* The style of some components may vary based on availability, and are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Weight 320 lbs
Dimensions 48.031522 × 40.000022 × 40.000022 in
NOTE - These details refer to the default package information for this product. For specific product dimensions please contact us.