Middle Eastern IED Training Kit #1 – Inert Training Aids


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This IED recognition kit includes numerous styles of improvised explosive devices used commonly in the Middle East. These devices have also become common in other areas of the world as information is spread through terrorist networks.

All items are 100% inert.

Includes (one each):

  • Digital Countdown Timer IED Firing Device
  • Cellular Phone IED Firing Device
  • Car Alarm IED with Anti-tamper Switches (in wooden crate)
  • PMR / Two-Way Radio IED Firing Device with Mechanical Safe Separation Timer
  • Cordless/Portable Phone IED Firing Device.
  • 155mm Artillery Shell Projectile IED – RCIED With Mechanical Safe Separation Timer
  • Backpack Hostage Device – Inert IED.
  • Suicide Vest Training Aid – Command Detonated Vest with Simulated C4 + Det Cord
  • Non-Electric IED – Improvised Explosive Device (Grenade)
  • Improvised Rocket Launcher with 57mm Rocket

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