Demolitions and Booby Trap Firing Devices Training Kit (With Case) – Inert Replica Training Aid

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This kit contains various Mine, booby trap, and demolitions firing device replicas. All are completely inert and for safe training purposes only. Each is made from aluminium, with the exception of the replica M60 and M81 which are made of plastic (the same material as the real devices). These firing devices are an excellent addition to your training lane or classroom.


1x – Yugo UPROM-1 Mine Fuze / Firing Device

1x – Soviet MUV Mine Fuze / Firing Device

2x – Soviet MD-5 Detonator Assemblies

1x – State Factory Production MUV Mine Fuze / Firing Device

1x – German ZZ42 Mine Fuze / Firing Device

1x – USA M1 8-15 Second Delay Detonator Assembly

1x – USA Deluxe M-60 Time Fuze Ignitor for Demolition

1x – USA Deluxe M-81 Shock Tube Initiator For Demolition

1x – Yugoslavian UPM-1 Mine Fuze / Firing Device

1x – Czechoslovakian RO-1 Mine Fuze / Firing Device

1x – Hard Plastic Case for Storage & Transport

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Weight 10 lbs


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