Large HME Fertilizer Lab – Inert Training Kit with Scent Generator



This simulated homemade explosives (HME) lab is modeled after real labs utilized by terrorists domestically and internationally. There are no actual chemicals included, ensuring a safe training environment while maintaining maximum realism for visual recognition.

The included scent generator and simulated scents add an extra level of immersion, and can be also be used as an early recognition system before entering the room.

Includes the X-1 Scent Generator (click for details) and the following simulated scents:

Aviation Fuel
Sulfuric Acid


Inert IEDs & Components:

3x – Middle Eastern TNT Blocks
1x – Primed Double Jug ANFO Device
1x – Large PVC Pipe Bomb
6x – Blasting Caps
1x – 100 Foot Spool of Detonating Cord
1x – 100 Foot Spool of Shock Tube
2x – Pressure Switches (One in Protective Wrap)

Simulated Chemicals & Containers:

2x – 55 Gallon Plastic Drums (EMPTY)
1x – 15 Gallon Metal Drum (EMPTY)
1x – 5 Gallon Fuel Oil Container (EMPTY)
1x – Small Middle Eastern Jug (EMPTY)
1x – Large Middle Eastern Jug (EMPTY)
1x – Large Middle Eastern Urea Bag (EMPTY)
1x – Large Middle Eastern Ammonium Nitrate Bag (EMPTY)
3x – Medium Citric Acid Bags (EMPTY)
2x – One Gallon Fertilizer Jugs (INERT CONTENT)
2x – One Gallon Ethylene Glycol (Antifreeze) Jugs (EMPTY)
2x – Small Cans of Aluminum Powder (EMPTY)
2x – Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (EMPTY)
2x – Large Bottles of Nitric Acid (EMPTY)
2x – Small Bottles of Nitric Acid (EMPTY)
1x – Medium Bottle of Sulfuric Acid (EMPTY)
1x – Medium Bottle of Absolute Alcohol (EMPTY)
1x – Medium Can Denatured Alcohol (EMPTY)
1x – Medium Can of Mineral Spirits (EMPTY)
1x – Medium Can of Paint Thinner (EMPTY)
1x – Gallon of Acetone (EMPTY)
1x – Small Can of Gasoline Additive (EMPTY)
1x – Bottle of Charcoal Lighter Fluid (EMPTY)
1x – Gallon of Camp Fuel (EMPTY)
1x – Bag of Sugar (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Gallon Can of MEK – Methyl Ethyl Ketone (EMPTY)
1x – Medium Bag of Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Bag of C-4 (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Bag of Semtex (INERT CONTENT)
3x – Large Jars of Chemicals (INERT CONTENT)
4x – Small Jars of Chemicals (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Medium Jar of ANFO (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Medium Jar of ANAL (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Medium Jar of TATP (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Medium Jar of Aluminum Powder (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Jar of Prilled UREA (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Jar of Crushed UREA (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Jar of Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Jar of Crushed Ammonium Nitrate (INERT CONTENT)
1x – Gallon of Distilled Water (EMPTY)
1x – Package of Food Coloring
– Simulated Ice Cubes
– Simulated Dry Ice

HME Lab Tools:

1x – Modified Large Cooler
1x – Modified Pressure Cooker
1x – Mixing Bowl
1x – Plastic Bowl
1x – Small Pot
1x – Butane Range
3x – Cookie Trays
1x – Funnel
1x – Strainer
1x – Graduated Cylinder
1x – Grinder
1x – Large Measuring Cup
2x – Medium Measuring Cups
5x – Small Measuring Cups (3 simulated used)
3x – Spatulas
1x – Improvised Press
1x – Plastic Oil Can
1x – Pack of 50 (fifty) Coffee Filters
2x – 10cc Syringes
1x – Thermometer
1x – Pair of Safety Goggles
1x – Chemical Suit
1x – Respirator
2x – Pair of Gloves
1x – Pair of Boot Covers

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs


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