Large HME Lab – Inert Training Kit w/ Scent Generator



This simulated homemade explosives (HME) lab is modeled after real labs utilized by terrorists both domestically and internationally. There are no actual chemicals included, ensuring a safe training environment while maintaining maximum realism for visual recognition.

The included scent generator and simulated scents add an extra level of immersion, and can be also be used as an early recognition system before entering the room.


  • X-1 Scent Generator (click for details) and the following simulated scents:

    • Acetone
    • Sulfuric Acid
    • Nitric Acid
  • Simulated Chemicals & Containers:
    • 1x Gallon of Acetone (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Antifreeze (Empty)
    • 2x Gallons of Nitrate Fertilizer (Empty)
    • 4x Gallons of Distilled Water (Empty)
    • 1x 2.5-Gallon Middle Eastern Jug (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Paint Stripper (Empty)
    • 2x Canisters of Aluminum Powder (Empty)
    • 2x Small Bottles of Nitric Acid (Empty)
    • 1x Medium Bottle of Nitric Acid (Empty)
    • 1x Medium Bottle of Sulfuric Acid (Empty)
    • 2x Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (Empty)
    • 2x Large Jars of Filtered Urine (Simulated Full)
    • 1x Large Jar of Filtered Miscellaneous Mixture (Simulated Full)
    • 1x Large Jar of Urea Nitrate (Inert Content)
    • 1x Large Jar of Nitrate Impurities (Inert Content)
    • 2x Medium Jars of Miscellaneous Chemicals (Simulated Full)
    • 2x Small Jars of Miscellaneous Chemicals (Simulated Full)
    • 1x Medium Jar of Absolute Ethanol (Empty)
    • 1x Small Bottle of Hexamine (Inert Content)
    • 1x Small Jar of Miscellaneous Liquid (Empty)
    • 1x Small Jar of HMTD (Inert Content)
    • 1x Small Jar of TATP (Inert Content)
    • 6x Medium Jars of TATP (Simulated Full)
    • 1x Citric Acid Bag (Simulated Full)
    • 6x Dry Ice Blocks (Simulated)
    • 18x Ice Cubes (Simulated)
  • HME Lab Tools:
    • 1x Modified Cooler
    • 1x Modified Pressure Cooker
    • 1x Butane Range
    • 1x Strainer
    • 1x Measuring Cup
    • 2x Funnels
    • 3x Small Mason Jars (Empty)
    • 2x Plastic Bowls (1 Simulated Used)
    • 1x Pack of Fifty Coffee Filters
    • 2x Syringes (1 Simulated Used)
    • 4x Spatulas
    • 10x Plastic Cups
    • 1x Flask (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Graduated Cylinder
    • 1x Improvised Press
    • 4x Cookie Trays
    • 1x Pair of Boot Covers
    • 2x Pairs of Gloves
    • 1x Pair of Safety Goggles
    • 1x Chemical Suit
    • 1x Respirator
    • 1x Set of 3 HME Training Posters

Additional information

Weight 115 lbs
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