M249 SAW Light Machine Gun – Solid Dummy Replica


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Designed specifically to withstand heavy duty training, this solid-body urethane replica is not only the most durable M249 replica on the market, it has a higher level of detail than any other “rubber duck” available today. Featuring a metal barrel integrated throughout the length of the gun body, this replica will not bend or bow like our competitors’. Including a folding metal bipod, folding hinged shoulder rest, and the ability to add our replica ammunition belts (sold separately). We guarantee that you will not find another M249 replica of this strength and quality.


Solid Urethane Gun Body, Handle, and Stock
Metal Barrel Which Extends the Length of the Gun
Folding Metal Bipod
Adjustable Metal Carrying Handle Assembly
Folding Hinged Shoulder Rest
Opening Cover Assembly for Ability to Add Replica Ammunition Belts
Weight: 11.5 lbs

*Ammo can and dummy ammo sold separately *

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Weight 30 lbs


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