M4A4 (Deluxe) – Replica Training Rifle


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This is our best functional, non-firing M4 replica rifle offered.

This M4 trainer is a functional, ATF compliant non-gun designed to allow for safe field stripping drills. This replica does not contain a bolt, firing pin, cam, or retaining cam, and cannot chamber or fire real ammunition.

Functions include a working safety, trigger, bolt, and charging handle.

Removable components include:

  • Magazine
  • Carry Handle
  • Take-down Pins
  • Charging Handle
  • Bolt Carrier Group
  • Buffer & Spring
  • Stocks
  • Handguards

*Note: The bolt carrier group is removable, however the group does not disassemble nor does it contain a firing pin, cam, or retaining pin

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Weight 7 lbs


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