Modular RPG-7 Rocket Components – Inert Replica Training Aids


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These solid replica RPG rockets are 100% inert, and the modular design allows the rockets to quickly adjust to any stage using shipping plugs, rocket boosters (found on pre-fired rockets), and tailfin assemblies (found on fired rockets).

Removable warheads and rocket motors can be mixed and matched to create a custom kit to match any training scenario.

All RPG-7 replicas will fit tightly into our Inert Replica RPG-7 Rocket Launcher.

The warhead and motor section can fit into real and demilled RPG-7 launchers, but demilled launchers will require some slight modification to shorten the motor due to a bar in the tube of most demilled launchers.

*These components are only compatible with Inert Products replica RPG-7 rocket components

Rocket Motor:

  • Part # OTA-RPGC01

Rocket Booster (Pre-Fired) :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC02

Tailfin Assembly (Fired) :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC03

Shipping Cap :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC13

PG-7V Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC04

PG-7T (Tamdem) Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC05

PG-7M Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC06

PG-7L Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC07

GHEF-7MA Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC08

GHEF-7LDMA Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC09

GTB-7S Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC10

OG-7E Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC11
  • $175.80

OFG-7 Warhead :

  • Part # OTA-RPGC12

RPG-7 Rocket Launcher :

  • Part # OTA-RPG7L

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Rocket Motor, Rocket Booster (Pre-Fired), Tailfin Assembly (Fired), Shipping Cap, PG-7V Warhead, PG-7T (Tamdem) Warhead, PG-7M Warhead, PG-7L Warhead, GHEF-7MA Warhead, GHEF-7LDMA Warhead, GTB-7S Warhead, OG-7E Warhead, OFG-7 Warhead, RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

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