Pat-Down Training Kit



This kit represents exterior visual characteristics of potential threats, but without the associated hazards. The items are non-functional replicas that can be used for safe training anywhere real weapons and contraband are not permitted or safe to use.

The bright-gold colored props allow for immediate recognition of a training aid and assist in the visual recovery of these compact items when misplaced. With dull edging on any bladed items, these products are safe to use and contain no metal parts.

1 – Compact Pistol
1 – Compact Revolver
1 – Loaded Pistol Mag
1 – Open Blade Pocket Knife
1 – Closed Pocket Knife
1 – Brass Knuckles
1 – Civilian Pepper Spray
1 – Mini Box Cutter
1 – Marijuana Pipe
1 – Meth Pipe
2 – Syringes
1 – Scissors
1 – Screwdriver
1 – Razor Blade
1 – Flip Cell Phone
1 – Drawstring Carrying Bag
1 – Strip of Metallic Tape to Enhance Metal Detector Training

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Weight 4 lbs


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