Pill Bottle Grenade IED – Inert Replica



Inert black powder and a pill bottle, fragmentation affixed to the exterior, and visco fuse as an initiator. This device can be used as an improvised hand grenade or in conjunction with a tripwire as a boobytrap device. All components of this training aid are completely inert.

The real device was first encountered during the manhunt of a domestic terrorist in Pennsylvania in 2014.

Available in the following configurations:

X-Ray :

This replica IED is designed to be used as for visual recognition or for use with X-Ray systems. Devices are constructed using explosives and components that will replicate the real device configuration.

Part Number : OTA-1479-XR

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 2.244096 × 2.244096 × 4.251971 in

Basic Replica, X-Ray Correct

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