POM-2S Russian AP Scatter Mine (Deluxe) – Inert Replica



The Russian POM-2 (ПOM-2) / POM-2S is a high-explosive (HE), scatterable, tripwire actuated, anti-personnel (AP), fragmentation, self-destruct landmine designed to be dispersed/ejected from a variety of airborne and ground delivery systems.

This inert replica is designed to simulate the submunition in its deployed position. It includes a mine body made from solid delrin with 6x folding metal fins attached that can be manually folded.

Two “Y” shaped, plastic tripwires are attached to the mine body via cotter pins, allowing for trainers to remove and reattach the simulated tripwires to the replica mine as needed.

Our inert ordnance training aids are designed to be highly detailed yet extremely durable, allowing for effective training from the classroom to the battlefield. Inert Products manufactures and distributes the largest assortment of replica and inert ordnance in the world. These items include solid urethane replicas, custom machined metal replicas, and OEM factory inert ordnance items. Enhanced production methods allow us to fulfill large orders in record time. Custom designed products are produced by request and existing products can easily be modified. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in