Postal Tube IED Cutaway – Inert Replica Training Aid


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Includes an IED with inert detonating cord as the main charge. The IED is in a victim activated configuration, designed to detonate when the tube is opened.

The device is concealed in a small package / mailer, and is in a cutaway format to display all internal components.

Available in the following configurations:





Basic Replica:

This device is visually correct only. There is no associated penalty monitor to indicate the IED has been triggered.

Part Number : OTA-6119A

X-Ray :

This version of the replica IED is designed for use with X-Ray systems. Devices are constructed using explosives and components that will replicate the real device configuration.

Part Number : OTA-6119A-XR

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

Basic Replica, X-Ray Correct


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