RPG-7 Rockets Training Kit – Inert Replicas



These replica RPG rockets are 100% inert, and the modular design allows the rockets to quickly adjust to any configuration using shipping plugs, rocket boosters (found on pre-fired rockets), and tailfin assemblies (found on fired rockets).

Each replica in this kit includes a shipping plug and rocket booster.

Kit includes (one each):

  • PG-7V 85mm (Complete Rocket)
  • PG-7T (Tandem) 93mm (Complete Rocket)
  • PG-7M 70mm (Complete Rocket)
  • PG-7L 93mm (Complete Rocket)
  • GHEF-7MA 73mm (Complete Rocket)
  • GHEF-7LDMA 65mm (Complete Rocket)
  • GTB-7S 103mm (Complete Rocket)
  • OG-7E 85mm (Complete Rocket)
  • OFG-7 57mm (Complete Rocket)

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
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