Russian Ordnance Recognition and Training Kit #3 (Large) – Inert Replicas



This replica ordnance training kit includes multiple types of ordnance, all of which have been used in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict. These highly realistic training aids are full-size replicas, and are designed to be highly detailed yet extremely durable, allowing for effective training from the classroom to the battlefield.

The entire kit can be delivered in two hard plastic transport + storage cases, and secured inside with custom foam inserts (choose product options to include or exclude cases).

Includes one each inert replica of the following:
(“A” or “B” indicates which case contains the item if cases are selected)

  • Landmines & Submunitions:
    • PMN AP Mine (A)
    • PMN-2 AP Mine (A)
    • PMN-4 AP Mine (B)
    • PMA-2 AP Mine (B)
    • PMA-3 AP Mine (B)
    • OZM-72 Bounding AP Mine (A)
    • MON-50 Directional AP Mine (A)
    • MON-90 Directional AP Mine (B)
    • MON-100 Directional AP Mine (B)
    • FFV 016 (“Fordonsmina 14”) Off-Route Anti-Vehicle Mine (B)
    • PTM-1 Anti-Vehicle Mine (B)
    • PTM-3 Anti-Vehicle Mine (B)
    • TM-62M Anti-Tank Mine w/ MVP-62M Fuze, One-Piece (A)
    • TM-62P3 Anti-Tank Mine w/ MVP-62M Fuze, One-Piece (A)
    • PFM-1 AP Scatter Mine (A)
    • POM-3 AP Scatter Mine (B)
    • POM-2S (Deluxe) AP Scatter Mine (B)
    • PTAB-2.5KO Anti-Tank Submunition (B)
    • MUV-2 Mine Fuze (B)
    • NM Mine Fuze with MVZ-72 Firing Device (B)
  • Artillery:
    • PG-7L Anti-Tank RPG Rocket (A)
    • PG-7 RPG Rocket Booster, Pre-Fired (A)
    • PG-7 RPG Rocket Fin Assembly, Post-Fired (A)
    • 82mm O-832 HE Mortar with Fuze (A)
    • 120mm OF-843B HE Mortar (B)
    • 122mm OF-462 HE Frag Artillery Projectile (B)
    • 125mm OF-19 HE Frag Artillery Projectile (B)
    • 152mm OF-25 HE Frag Artillery Projectile (A)
    • V-429 Artillery Fuze (A)
    • 122mm 9M22 Chemical Rocket Warhead with Fuze (A)
    • 9M14 Malyutka / AT-3 Sagger (Deluxe) Wire-Guided Anti-Tank Missile (B)
  • Grenades:
    • F1 Frag Grenade (A)
    • RGD5 Frag Grenade (A)
    • RKG3 Anti-Tank Grenade (A)

Additional information

Weight 170 lbs
Case Options

Include Hard Cases, No Cases