Russian Ordnance Recognition Crate



This replica ordnance training kit includes multiple types of ordnance, all of which have been used in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict. These highly realistic training aids are full-size replicas, and are designed to be highly detailed yet extremely durable, allowing for effective training from the classroom to the battlefield.

The entire kit is delivered in a custom made wooden crate with foam insert and an identification poster attached to the inside lid.

Includes one each inert replica of the following:

  • PG-7L 93MM RPG Rocket
  • PG-7 Rocket Booster (Pre-Fired)
  • PG-7 Rocket Fin Assembly (Post-Fired)
  • 82mm O-832 Soviet HE Mortar Round
  • 152mm OF-25 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile
  • V-429 Soviet Artillery Fuze
  • RGD5 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • F1 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • RKG3 Soviet Anti-Tank Hand Grenade
  • PFM-1 Soviet Scatter Mine
  • PMN Soviet AP Mine
  • PMN-2 Soviet AP Mine
  • OZM-72 Soviet Bounding AP Mine
  • MON-50 Soviet Directional Mine
  • TM-62M Soviet Anti-Tank Mine w/ MVP-62M Fuze (One Piece)
  • TM-62P3Soviet Anti-Tank Mine w/ MVP-62M Fuze (One Piece)

Additional information

Weight 170 lbs