Shock Tube Assembly (12 Meter, Clear), Dual M81 In-Line Initiators – Inert Replica



This inert shock tube assembly includes:
1x Dual-line 12m Inert Replica Shock Tube (Clear, empty) on Plastic Spool
Detonator Side: 2x Inert Replica Nonel Detonators (Aluminum, hole drilled through side)
Ignitor Side: 2x Inert M81 Ignitors (OEM inert, hole drilled through one side) with Replica Metal Shock Tube Adapters (Black)

A single-initator version of this assembly can be found here.

The assembly can be combined with our inert explosives for a complete simulated explosive train.

* Each sold separately

Inert Products manufactures and distributes a wide variety of inert, non-hazardous training aids for safe training use in situations and environments where live explosives are not appropriate.
Partnerships with actual explosive manufacturers allow us to supply premium quality factory OEM inert materials that offer unmatched realism. Specialized x-ray correct versions of each product are also available.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Shock Tube Color

Bronze, Tan, Red, Yellow, Clear