Meth Lab (One Pot Method) – Inert Training Kit


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This kit is designed to show the basic ingredients and components for the “shake and bake” or “one pot” method for making methamphetamines.

Kit includes the following:

– Simulated Meth
– Simulated Crushed Ephedrine
– Ephedrine Box (Empty)
– Ammonium Nitrate (Empty)
– Sodium Hydroxide (Empty)
– Funnel
– Water Bottle (Empty
– Starting Fluid (Empty)
– Muriatic Acid (Empty)
– Lithium Metal (from Batteries)
– Coffee Filters
– Syringe
– Measuring Cup
– Inert Cold Compress
– Back Pack
– Jar with Meth Droppings from Gasification
– Glass Beaker with Tube Containing Hydrogen Chloride Gas Production
– Three Different Bottles of Meth (in Production)

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