Meth Lab – Inert Training Kit w/ Scent Generator


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This simulated narcotics manufacturing lab is modeled after real labs used domestically and internationally. There are no actual chemicals included, ensuring a safe training environment while maintaining maximum realism for visual recognition.

The included scent generator and simulated scents add an extra level of immersion, and can be also be used as an early recognition system before entering the room.


  • X-1 Scent Generator (click for details) and the following simulated scents:

    • Meth Lab
    • Acetone
  • Simulated Chemicals & Containers:
    • 12x Simulated Boxes of Pseudoephedrine (6x 24-hour & 6x 12-hour)
    • 1x Medium Mason Jar with Simulated Meth
    • 1x Small Mason Jar with Simulated Red Phosphorous
    • 1x Box of Wood Matches (Inert)
    • 2x Medium Mason Jars with Simulated Filtered Mixture
    • 1x Large Mason Jar with Simulated Lye
    • 1x Large Mason Jar with Table Salt
    • 1x Container of Salt (1 lb.)
    • 1x 2.5 Gallon Gas Can (Empty)
    • 1x Propane Tank (Empty, Simulated Used)
    • 1x Oil Can (Empty, Simulated Used)
    • 2x Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (Empty)
    • 2x Bottles of Rubbing Alcohol (Empty)
    • 1x Large Bottle of Sulfuric Acid (Empty)
    • 1x Large Bottle of Nitric Acid (Empty)
    • 1x Small Bottle of Nitric Acid (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Muriatic Acid (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Distilled Water (Empty)
    • 1x Bottle of Lighter Fluid (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Acetone (Empty)
    • 1x Small Bottle of Acetone (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Toluol (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Camp Fuel (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Iodine (Empty)
    • 1x Small Bottle of Iodine (Empty)
    • 1x Bottle of Drain Cleaner (Empty)
    • 1x Gallon of Antifreeze (Empty)
    • 1x Bottle of Fuel System Cleaner (Empty)
    • 1x Can Denatured Alcohol (Empty)
    • 1x Can of Paint Thinner (Empty)
    • 1x Can of Mineral Spirits (Empty)
    • 1x Bottle of HEAT Gasoline Anti-Freeze (Empty)
    • 1x 5-Gallon Water Jug (Empty) with Rubber Hose
    • 3x 20 oz. Bottles (Empty, Simulated Used) (1x with Tubing)
    • 3x Large Mason Jars (Empty, Simulated Used) (2x with Tubing)
    • 4x Large Mason Jars (Empty, Clean)
    • 2x Road Flares (Inert / Simulated)
    • 18x Ice Cubes (Simulated)
    • 5x Lithium Batteries (Assorted, Simulated)
  • Lab Tools:
    • 1x Blender (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Analog Scale
    • 1x Butane Range
    • 1x Frying Pan (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Improvised Press
    • 1x Bowl (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Funnel (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Glass Graduated Cup
    • 1x Small Graduated Cup (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Graduated Cylinder (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Flask (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Baster (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Syringe (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Strainer
    • 1x Large Measuring Cup (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Medium Measuring Cup (Simulated Used)
    • 10x Coffee Filters (Clean / Unused)
    • 10x Coffee Filters (Simulated Used)
    • 1x Package of Aluminum Foil
    • 1x 4 ft Section of Rubber Hose
    • 1x 5 ft Section of Plastic Tubing
    • 1xPair of Safety Goggles
    • 2x Pair of Safety Gloves
    • 1x Pair of Rubber Boots
    • 1x Respirator
    • 1x Lab Coat

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Weight 100 lbs