Smoke Generator – Model X12


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The X12 Smoke Generator incorporates a continuously rated peristaltic pump drive system to drive the Smoke Fluid stored in the internal reservoir through its precision machined, heat exchanger block. There the Smoke Fluid is vaporized and the vapor condenses on reaching atmosphere to form a dense, controllable and non-toxic smoke. This smoke generator is absolutely the choice in water-based smoke systems with longer hang times, more efficient use of smoke fluid, standard interfacing, greater reliability and built for the rigors of live and simulated training environments.

The temperature of the heat exchanger is controlled by a PID (proportional) microprocessor temperature controller and the heaters within the unit are switched by a solid state relay to ensure optimum reliability.

Two types of Smoke Fluid can be used in the X12:

  • Smoke Fluid A produces an incredibly persistent smoke, ideal for large volume, long hanging smoke for smoke logging, BA training, leak testing etc.
  • Smoke Fluid B produces a dense smoke that evaporates very quickly and is well suited to applications where external venting of the smoke is not practical.

The smoke from the X12 is controllable, from a small wisp to a large plume and it can be passed through flexible ducting if required.

In terms of safety, the water-based smoke produced by the X12 has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories and authorities to ensure that it is both safe and non-flammable.

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