Squad Level (Functional) IED Training Kit



This reactive / functional IED Training Kit is specifically designed to support Squad Level IED training when IED Training lanes and ranges are occupied or unavailable. The kit includes everything needed to easily conduct realistic training scenarios in any environment.

Focusing on simplicity, this kit is quickly understood and very easy to set up and operate. The modular penalty box unit is capable of monitoring any other the switches included as well as switches you may already have. This kit is an excellent addition to your training aids already in use.
The penalty box included emits a LOUD siren, and this kit is also compatible with our IED Blast Simulators.

Penalty Features:

– Automatic safe separation arming delay

– Automatically detects open or closed circuit when arming and fires upon any change

– Siren and lights penalty indicator

– Automatic circuit reset for seamless next-mission evolution

– Modular design allows a single Penalty Monitor to work with any switch

Included in kit:

  • Penalty Box Monitor (Lights and LOUD Siren)
  • 1 Fifty-Foot Command Wire Reel
  • 9 Volt Batteries
  • Detailed Instructions for Each Device
  • Tripwire Spool

Improvised Switches:

  • Photocell Switch
  • Key Fob Switch (Remote)
  • PIR (Motion) Switch
  • Trembler Switch (Copper Pipe)
  • Trembler Switch (Copper Wire)
  • Trembler Switch (Pendulum)
  • Anti-Tilt Switch (Improvised Ball-in-Cage)
  • Anti-Tilt Switch (Commercial Ball-in-Cage)
  • Analog Timer Switch (Egg Timer)
  • Digital Timer Switch (Kitchen Timer)
  • Loop Switch
  • Crush Switch
  • Mousetrap Switch Type #1 (Tripwire / Snap)
  • Mousetrap Switch Type #2 (Tripwire / Pull)
  • Mousetrap Switch Type #3 (Tripwire / Stake)
  • Clothespin Switch (Tripwire)
  • Motorcycle Brake Light Switch (Tripwire)
  • Pneumatic Hose IED Pressure Switch (Air Pressure)
  • Pac-Man Switch
  • Pressure Plate IED Switch (Hacksaw Blades)
  • Pressure Plate IED Switch, Large
  • Commercial Pressure Plate

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 10.000005 × 30.000016 × 10.000005 in