Steel Pipe Bomb Booby Trap IED Cutaway, Medium (Functional w/ Buzzer) – Inert Replica



This IED training aid includes a 8″ long section of 1.5″ diameter steel pipe (capped on both ends) in an inert, victim activated IED configuration. The IED has a fuse that is simulated to look burnt but unexploded, mocking a “dud” that would normally indicate the pipe bomb is safe to handle. Inside the pipe bomb is an anti-motion switch that activates the detonator when triggered.

The entire device is cutaway to display the internal contents.

Available in the following configurations:

Functional Replica w/ Siren:

This device operates similar to the real IED, except there is a siren to indicate that the firing device has been triggered.

This particular IED includes a victim activated anti-movement switch. The siren is activated when the switch is activated.

Part Number : OTA-6194

Functional Replica w/ Wireless Output:

This device also operates similar to the real IED, except a wireless signal is transmitted when firing device has been triggered.

A range of penalty monitors are available using this version, such as oxy/propane or compressed air blast simulation, LED lights, simulated scent generation, and more.

*The wireless transmitter requires a receiver; Click here for more info on the X-CAP Wireless Receiver.

Part Number : OTA-6194-FW

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9.015753 × 1.535434 × 2.165355 in

X-Ray Correct, Functional (Siren Penalty), Functional (w/ Wireless Transmitter)

NOTE - These details refer to the default package information for this product. For specific product dimensions please contact us.